Saturday, January 29, 2011


There is a time when you stop in your music evolution - I'm sure this true for most of us. For me, I think it was the 80s. I became responsible, bought a house, got married (again), started a family.
I was still listening to Van Morrison, Rod Stewart and Phil Collins with a sprinkling of Blues and Jazz.
We had a lot of great Aussie music which seemed a little off centre from the usual British and US music at the time. Maybe we realised we could do our own thing.
Great Aussie bands emerged - Men at Work, Australian Crawl, and others.
Australian Crawl were a local band from our Bay area. James Reyne had an unusual voice but the band wrote great songs of sun, beach, love and growing up. One of my faves was "Reckless", even people older than me (at the time) liked this song.
Here's James Reyne doing Reckless after the demise of Australian Crawl (which incidentally is a swimming style) with some "Cobbers" of his in the music industry - just having a bit of a lark together.....

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  1. So nice! They all seem to get along well and still having fun.
    I don't know about stopping in your music evolution. I love "The Black Eyed peas" "Usher"... Maybe it is because I work with people in their 20's and 30's who listen to music I would not be exposed to otherwise?


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