Saturday, January 08, 2011

John Farnham - Saturday Song

John Farnham may not have been heard a great deal out of Australia. He started his singing career with a novelty song in the very late 60s or maybe the early 70s called "Sadie the Cleaning Lady" and its come back to haunt him over the years.
Back then he was known as Johnny Farnham but over the years it became John.

After the Little River Band became very popular in the USA and toured throughout, the lead singer Glenn Sharrock decided to leave the band and John Farnham filled the spot. This lasted a couple of albums before John left the band to continue his solo career and he took on the persona of Whispering Jack.
In a long Outback jacket and Drover's hat, he belted out some of his best songs.

Close to his retirement, John did concerts with stage show stars such as Anthony Warlow who had the lead in Phantom of the Opera in Australia. John also sang with Olivier Newton John at the opening of the Sydney Olympics. John has retired a few times but comes out of retirement and has gained a reputation of the "Dame Nellie Melba" of the pop world. Now there is a subject for a future Saturday Song - Anyone out there familiar with our Dame Nellie?

Although his fame didn't travel outside Australia except for the period in the US with Little River Band, he has given Australians many years of musical pleasure. He loves Australia, and is a true homebody. I don't believe he had any desire to have International fame. Just the same he has sung with many Internationally famous singers when they have visited Australia and they hold our John in high regard.


  1. John has a beautiful voice. I never heard of him before so I really enjoy discovering australian gems (singers, painters...)

  2. A beautiful voice and a beautiful personality - John is a charming man.


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