Friday, January 21, 2011

Saturday Song - Glenn Sharrock

I’ve been on You Tube looking for a Saturday Song post and found one of my very favorite Australian singer/songwriters. He’s name is GLENN SHARROCK.
As a teenager I remember piling into a Morrie Minor to go to the Hoadley’s Battle of the Sounds at Festival Hall in West Melbourne. The area was a bit of a “dive” back then but what did we care – we were invincible.

THE TWILIGHTS - a song about finding that allusive partner.

Glenn was then the lead singer of the Twilights and the band was basically a Beatles inspired band but grew from that to write and perform their own material. Terry Britten, a member of the band has become a song writer for many US singers such as Tina Turner.
Back to Glenn – after the Twilights he became a member of what was then described as one of Australia’s super groups, Axiom with another great songwriter, Brian Cadd (more about him in another post).
Axiom had a few hits and a time in the UK before disintegrating.

AXIOM - a song about a father's amazement of his daughter.

Glenn then met up with Mississippi (that’s the band name) songwriter/singers Goble and Birtles. Mississippi recorded one only album. I have it. Did I hear you say, “I’m not surprised.” These two guys had lovely melodic voices.


Not sure how Glenn met these two but what happened next was Little River Band.


Sure the band was middle of the road and very FM but I now listen to them and I float on their great music and fantastic lyrics.

The songs written by Glenn showed his enthusiasm for the band, the traveling, the countries where the played and later the jaded feeling and the homesickness he felt.


Home on a Monday – Listen to Glenn’s homesickness – the changes of rhythm, it’s one of my favorites. You can tell that Glenn is a bit of a homebody.
Glenn now plays around Melbourne and Australia. He hasn’t lost his love of music or his voice.

GLENN wrote and performed the title song for AMERICAN FLYERS, a film with Kevin Costner about cycling - now you know Glenn is a favorite of mine.

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