Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More than France and Germany Combined

That's what the Premier of Queensland said on the news today. The floods in Queensland now cover an unimaginable area of our northern part of the Australia. The size of the flood area is the size of those two countries combined.
I've relented in commenting on the crisis through the blog as I like to only be positive. I don't normally blog for a Thursday post but I'm moved greatly by the film footage I've seen over the last few days.
We are fortunate that the amount of deaths to date is still less than twenty but even one is too many, especially when children are included in that count.
The scenes of what the press describe as an inland tsunami rushing through the streets of Toowoomba are just too difficult to imagine without seeing it on TV.

Our state of Victoria has also had flash flood warnings and a street within the Melbourne CBD where I had an appointment this morning was under water.

This time two years ago we were suffering from drought conditions - we had catastrophic bushfire on the outer reaches of Melbourne and many other areas of the state.
While Queensland and the southern part of New South Wales are suffering from flood conditions, to the west of Australia, they are having bushfires.

I have a friend who works with Red Cross Australia - he is serving a twelve month term in Pakistan within one of the hospitals. He was there during their flood crisis. Its crazy!!
If anyone has relatives in Queensland (and I know some do) I hope they are OK.

Mother Nature seems to have some issues.


  1. Nigel's god son lives near Brisbane but thankfully his house is on high ground. He works though at a restaurant in the centre of Brisbane so not sure how that is doing! It really is terrible, we have neen watching the news closely. After the fires last year you wonder what else can attack you over there. So very sad. Diane

  2. Mother Nature might be begging for respect.
    It seems like all parts of the world are being touched by climate change. Your friend working for the red cross had to deal with the floods in Pakistan and now the ones in his own country. Australia is lucky to have him back and it is a good reminder to give thanks to those brave souls who devote their lives to helping others.

  3. We've been seeing the reports on tv. Looks very bad. Glad you are not in the thick of it.

  4. I can't begin to imagine how awful it must be to lose everything to a flood or a fire. Glad you are safe where you are.


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