Sunday, January 30, 2011


We've been experiencing some very warm weather here in Melbourne this weekend.
Friday night we welcomed the weekend with a bottle of champagne or should I call it a sparkling white these days.
Saturday morning was pleasant and after the morning ride, Sue needed my help to purchase more Nespresso pods at the huge Chadstone shopping centre. Let me say that I consider this experience as a form of punishment. I'm sure I have been a good boy lately but nevertheless, we battled the multitude of shoppers. The incentive of a coffee and muffin helped to soften the experience. We do love our Nespresso so I guess it was worth the trip.

We had it mind to enjoy dinner Saturday night on the deck with a light meal of prawns cooked on the BBQ. Marinated in chili and garlic with virgin olive oil - not bad at all. The salad was rocket, toasted pine nuts, Parmesan cheese dressed with Vin cotto. Naturally we did enjoy some wine with that but I've forgotten what it was.
As Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee) once said for Tourism Australia
 "Chuck another Shrimp on the Barbie"
We prefer Prawns - big ones.

A perfect summer light meal.

So I thought I might just mention another frivolous little group of wines that we occasionally enjoy called "Arrogant Frog". We've been buying these wines mainly because they bring back memories of our times in the South of France in the Languedoc region. Paul Mas is the Vigneron and he has a marvelous sense of humour. He even has a Frog Blog -

A red, a pink and a white - Paul Mas also sends us a sticky and a sparkling.
All his wines I describe as cheap and cheerful (and not too shabby)

Don't you just love his labels?
Sunday Morning - it's in the high 30s and the low overnight is predicted to drop to only 23 overnight. It seems that summer has decided to relax in Melbourne for the next week. While I write this, it's 6.00 pm and it's now 39. It should be a warm welcome for Leigh and Sophie, our friends from Paris - they arrive next week and we are looking forward to offering some Aussie hospitality. Naturally Leigh is a cyclist................................

As I rode home on the Sunday at 10.30 am, the temperature was rising into the 30s. This picture depicts a small bay within Port Phillip bay. Those little white spots on the water are Pelicans.
Sights like these make me feel privileged to live where we do.
For the previous few weeks, Sue and I have been reliving "the West Wing" one of our very favourite series. We have them all from 1 through to 7. It drives Sue to distraction that I need sub-titles to keep up with the dialogue. I think we just might be watching another two episodes tonight with coffee and cheese.

Time for another West Wing tonight.

For a Blogger friend from Belgium.
Ladybird - how about Aussie Kim??????
“I do enjoy this win, especially here in Australia, as well.
It's been a country where I've always loved coming to and where I've always been very well-received,” she said today.

Hope your weekend was relaxing and eventful.


  1. Leon, We are so proud of our Kim and happy that she finally managed to win that title. As she said herself, she now really and truelly is 'Aussi Kim'! Thanks for mentioning her victory today!
    P.S. Love the 'Arrogant Frog' wine labels ... especially the one with the cyclist :))!

  2. Kim played a superb game, pity Murray did not play any better!!!

    Nigel and I are so jealous of your barbie while we sit here freezing even with the radiators on!!!

    Love the wine links, we have never seen it around but will keep an eye out for it. Diane

  3. Another lovely weekend for you!
    I can't complain either as we have been lucky with the weather, except that, surpise! it is raining this morning. Not much, just enough to make the streets wet but not enough to actually get a good soaking.

  4. Martine - Not quite sure why Kim is still called Aussie Kim, although we Aussie crowds still love her, its been some years since she and Leytton Hewitt were an item.

    Diane - I do these summer posts just to make you southern hemisphere folk really jealous but I'm sure you guys will return the favour in a few months time. As for Arrogant Frog, it's purely an export label I believe.

    Nadege - I expect living in SoCal is a bit like our climate in Melbourne. Your time on the beach will return soon.

  5. Silly me Diane, I meant northern hemishere folk.

  6. Good value drop that Arrogant Frog....

    Watching for a blog on the virtues of MG's..



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