Friday, January 14, 2011

Saturday Song - The 3 Dames

You ask - what does a "baby boomer" know about opera singers. Well, I can tell you, very little but as I get older, there's not much being released by my old 60s/70s favourites so I look elsewhere. Its also a learning experience and a history lesson sometimes. So lets start by saying I have no real knowledge of these three famous Australian Divas. Well maybe one, the third on the list.

Dame Nellie Melba
Dame Nellie Melba came to my attention many years ago as I rode through a hamlet in outer Melbourne called Coldstream. I know why it is called Coldstream as it was always one of the coldest parts of the far outreaches of the city.
The Dame, or Nelli owned a home of several acres on the fork of the road in the Yarra valley where we trained.
There's not much film footage of Nellie these days, but I did find this on You Tube.

Not only was she famous as an operatic artist but also for her many farewell performances. The term as many farewells as Dame Nellie refers to someone that can't quite retire.  She also had a desert named after her, the Peach Melba.

The Peach Melba

A statue of Dame Nellie on the waterfront in Melbourne's Docklands
 Dame Joan Sutherland
Dame Joan Sutherland grew up in the Sydney suburb of Waverley and in 1947 she had her debut starting a career that took her to many countries and meeting many people. Her last performance was in 1985.
She passed away last October at her home in Switzerland.

Dame Edna
Australia incidentally has several Dames but one self appointed Dame is famous all over the World. Accepted by many other true dignitaries despite her rather dubious title, she is the most well known Australian Dame.
I of course mean Dame Edna.

Now that's something I can't improve on so let's leave it there.
Well except for this one - very funny.

Enjoy your weekend.

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