Monday, August 23, 2010

Some things are meant to be!!!

Not much of a blog after the weekend and this is the reason why.
We decided my 22 year old son needed to have his car replaced so we went car hunting with a budget in mind. The budget didn't but much after much looking and kicking of tyres. We didn't even want to waste time driving anything. It was even a pain having to deal with used car salesman. I put them and politicians in the same category. By the way - after our elections this weekend, it looks like a hung Parliament. The outcome is yet to be determined.
Back to the car searching. We arrived back home feeling depressed until I said to Sue, "Lets buy you a replacement car and pass your Citroen Xantia on to Mitch." Sue was due for an update so Sunday it was out and about looking at cars again. Her requirements were - it had to have a sunroof. That's easy, type in sunroof and our budget figure.
Up pops these choices and guess what - her Citroen gets replaced with a Peugeot. What is it that we always seem to have a French car in the driveway. Some things are just meant to be.
Anyway, more news later - I'm off to work now.


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