Sunday, August 01, 2010

Mentone on a Winter's Sunday Morning

Mentone Village has several cafes where a relaxing coffee can be had while watching the world go by.
It's been sometime since we did something on our Mentone village. When I say village, it's really a suburb but with a village feel. I believe that in the early days of Mentone it really was a village with community activities and people knew each other. Today I saw some of that activity where people were having the odd chin-wag while going about their Sunday morning business. The few cafes we have in Mentone village seemed to be doing good trade for breakfast as I walked by their windows.
We've lived here since 1982 and occasionally we also meet familiar faces while shopping - it's a comfortable feeling.

As shown in the sign, our station was established in 1882 and brought day trippers from Melbourne to enjoy the beach or the horse racing at the now defunct Mentone Racecourse.

Kilbreda College started life as a Coffee House - It retains much of its 1880s charm.

During the late 1800s when Mentone was being established, many stately homes were built that still exist today - some have been demolished to make way for new homes and some have taken on new identities.

This home is now a medical centre where previously is was a boarding home.

This stately home is now host to the Mentone RSL (returned soldiers) and most likely owned most of the surrounding land. Its been a while since we have been here for a meal, we must try it again soon.

These two homes have been restored from a derelict state. We had in fact looked at one of these and thought it would be too much work to improve. It's good to see them take on a new life rather than be replaced by a more modern home.

Churches of different denominations hide amongst the houses of Mentone. In my late morning photographic travels I didn't see much activity on this particular Sunday.

That's why we live here.
This is the location of the old Mentone sea baths. Storms had damaged it over the years and it fell into disrepair and finally demolished - our beach is used all year round with a changing community need. Winter brings people walking their dogs and summer of course brings out the sun worshipers. With summer comes the true blue Aussie Life Saver.
No people - well it is a cold windy winter's morning but look at that view.
Hello, there is a hardy soul out jogging with his dog - and in shorts!

Well I hope you enjoyed our little walk together around Mentone this morning, I did.
Pop in for a squizz next Wednesday when we reminisce our travels from France into Italy.


  1. Leon, What's that big ugly pipe sticking out of the ground? Is it a sewer outlet?

    Btw, the other photos and views are fab. What temperatures are you having at the moment? It doesn't look that cold to me :)

  2. Hi Martine - so good to hear from you so early. Just finished dinner.
    Yes it is a nasty old pipe thing - bad pic, I know.
    That's Progress!!!!
    The temps at the moment are sort of around 7 to 15. Oz really doesn't have extremes here in Mentone. Enjoyed reading your apartment dramas.

  3. Mentone might not be Menton with its hills and tiny streets but it is pretty. I like those 2 restored homes. Hard to believe spring is going to start soon for you. I bet you can't wait.

  4. Attractive architecture! Indeed, winter doesn't look too bad in your neck of the woods.

  5. Spring is not too far off Nadege and the bulbs in the garden are starting to sprout. As I look out my office window, the sky is almost cloudless.

  6. WCS,
    There is a lot of interesting architecture but only as early as the mid to late 1800s. The area was also a market garden precinct so you do find a few still standing homesteads.
    Along the Beach Road many wonderful old homes have been pulled down to make way for the wealthy to build tasteless homes that now block the view of the bay for their neighbours living behind.
    That's progress?
    I did enjoy the architecture of SF.

  7. i love this blog, i'd love to live in mentone.


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