Thursday, August 19, 2010

Federal Elections in the land of OZ

You better believe it - It's a bit like the yellow brick road in the land of OZ with the opposing federal political parties throwing gold at us so we will put them in government.
Yes, I am cynical and why wouldn't you be when instead of telling us what they can do for us, they are telling us what their opposition can't do for us.
I'm in sales and the first golden rule is not to denigrate your opposition. A good rule for our politicians I think.
I'm more concerned with what they can do for health, education, infrastructure and the aged. Judging by the election advertising, they are more concerned with either keeping their jobs or improving their jobs.
This has got to be one of the worst political campaigns of all my years of voting - and I am a fence sitter. I vote on political party policies, not on personalities - not that many of them have a personality, well let's just say one that's not manicured by their minders.

Julia and Tony, which will be Prime Minister in the land of Oz on Sunday?
Having said that, economically, Australia has weathered the GFC better than most countries so the current government must have done something right, but why did they do a Judas (Julia) on their Leader. (that's Kevin if you didn't know)

Yes, I'm sure political cartoonists the world round can be cruel.
The political cartoonists are having a great time leading up to our elections this weekend. Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, but always cruel. They seem to exaggerate the worst points of Politician's appearance without fear of retribution.
I'll let you know the outcome after the weekend if I find out - I really need to mow the lawns this weekend.

Funky Friday Stuff
On a lighter note, I was in Collingwood, home of creative graffiti and spied this huge mural wall and the little angel with a broken heart - how sad.

I promise to be more positive next post after I've voted.
Did you know voting is compulsory in Australia otherwise we get a $50 fine. It might just be worth it.


  1. Corporations own governments; Bill Moyer, a beloved retired journalist in the US calls it "corporate dictatorship". It really doesn't matter whom or what party you vote for.

  2. Voting is compulsory in Belgium too. The last time we were called to do our civic duty was in June. As our previous government had done nothing right since they came to power in 2007, there was a general sentiment of 'what to do now?' Since then the newly elected are still trying to form a new government. It could well mean the end of the country as the Flemish speaking north and French speaking south, only seem to agree one thing: the fact that they don't agree on anything :(

  3. Nadege/Martine - must be the same the world over BUT we do get to vote unlike some countries.


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