Sunday, August 08, 2010

On my Back

Last Thursday, I was leaning into the passenger seat of my car to pick up the milk that I had bought for the office kitchen when, ouch - something went in my back. The previous week at Gym, I did a thing in my glute, rump, rear end. It was a bit niggly for a week and then this thing happened.
Well I spent two days in bed catching up on blogs and reading. Even watched a great movie on the laptop - an Italian thing called La Vita e' Bella, Life is Beautiful. If I said I didn't shed a tear at the end, I would be fibbing. It was a sad/happy ending in different ways but it might have been my sore back that made me get a bit misty.

The covers of two great movies we watched this weekend.
The following night Sue and I watched "Amelie" again, a rather quirky French movie starring Audrey Tautou. Her face is magical. Watch the trailer.

On the side bar of our blog are links to a couple of blokes from the US that settled in France. I caught up with their progression to retirement in the Loire, looking for and buying a property. Check out their blogs.

So this weekend's blog is like a rudderless boat, bouncing around with no direction really. As I walked out, no hobbled out the front door with Sue to go to my doctor's appointment, I couldn't help but to admire the bulb's in our garden sprouting green things out of the earth. I have no idea what colours will sprout from the green, only that spring is not far away.

Sue, I planted all these bulbs here (or was it you) years ago and I still don't know what flowers emerge.

The Camelia bush now has lotsa buds and the first two flowers have emerged.

The weeping cherry is starting to bud - Our pet  Beagle Mac is buried below it and it seems we might have Beagle shaped blossom this year. (did I really say that?)

Alyssum is sprouting out allover the the paving - lookin' good.
As I walked out the gate, I said to Sue that I really should mow the lawns this weekend - "Oh! you poor thing, you can't do that with your back", see there is a silver lining in every cloud.

Even Rosita our Moggy it starting to get spring fever.
5.30 pm in Melbourne and puffy clouds blend with a previously clear blue sky
"The Doc said that I had a stretched ligament or tore a muscle which really pleased me as I've had a prolapsed disc before and I didn't want that again. Us aging elite athletes need to be a bit more careful these days I'm told.
Having said that, I have a dear friend in Paris who just competed in the European Masters Track Championships and he just produced the best times of his career at the age of 65.

Michel Briat at 65+ is doing the best times of his cycling career - European Masters Track Championships 2010

Michel has been to OZ for the Worlds where I met him and we've caught up in Paris 2009 and 2010.


  1. I think it is just a good excuse to have a rest off your bike for a
    bit:-) Seriously though, I know what back problems are like so hope you soon get it right. Diane

  2. So sorry to hear about your bad back.
    I had an awful time with back trouble about ten years ago so I can sympathise. Things take a lot longer to get better for those of us past forty, so make sure you take care of yourself.

  3. Ah Leon, we were wondering where you were on Saturday.

    Hope your muscles heal quickly and don't give you too much grief!

  4. Hey all - thanks for the sympathy BUT I shall return - stronger and grander tha before - yeah, right you silly old fogey, Sims!!!!
    Hope we can get a more intersting blog next weekend.

  5. Amelie, that film definitely push me to go and visit the city of love. Actually I went with my girlfriend enjoying these nice Paris sightseeing tours and we went to some of the places where the film was located.

    Also Life is Beautiful is outstanding, I would say the best two french films so far.



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