Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rome and Campo de Fiori

Up early in Viareggio for the long drive to Rome. We could have stayed longer in Viareggio as it had a marvellous feel about it – People were friendly and seemed to have smiles on their faces when meeting with you.

We hit the Motorway by 8.30 am with a breakfast stop at 10.00 am at one of those huge motorway service stations that seem to sprout out of the horizon. They were huge enough to almost be a small village in their own right. Our mission was to get to Rome in the shortest possible time. We were making good time until we reached the outskirts of Florence. The traffic slowed a little with cars and trucks looking for the off ramps to their destinations.

From Florence to Rome was all plain sailing with the occasion side wind blowing the little Citroen C3 around a bit.

On reaching the outer ring road of Rome, it was then our mission to find the right outlet to Rome airport where we would leave the car for the next five days.

And then, it all happened – arriving at a trident of off ramps, why couldn’t I select the correct one. I ended up in the suburbs of Rome with no way of finding the on ramp back to the ring road.

That is until Sue saw this well dressed Italian man wearing a beautifully tailored suit and lovely leather Italian shoes – I suspected her motives in winding down her window and accosting this particular gentleman.

Nevertheless, he directed us back on the ring road and we were off to the long term parking of Da Vinci airport. We caught the train to Rome and met our son Andrew who would stay with us for the next two weeks. Sue felt so relieved to be back as a family (as Mothers do) again. Our other son, Mitch was at home in Melbourne looking after Murphy our Irish Wolf Hound and the cats.

We took a taxi from the station to our apartment in the Campo De Fiori (Field of Flowers). It did get a bit  stressful so after we put our bags in the apartment, it was time to relax in the piazza with a beer and pizza, which by the way was just outside our doorway.
Campo De Fiori (Field of Flowers) in Renaissance times
Today's Campo de Fiori

Campo de Fiori today (2006 that is) The blue door was to our apartment building.

Horses and carts replaced by technology

Philosopher, Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake for heresy in 1600 in Campo de Fiori.
His stature looks defiantly towards the Vatican I'm told.
After dinner, pasta and salad of course, it was time to discover our surroundings on a balmy evening in Rome.

The next day Sue was looking forward to the market in the Piazza of Campo de Fiori.

Another great end to a day full of adventure - All is Well.

Enjoy the atmosphere of Campo de Fiori as we did over a nice cool beer.



  1. I still have Italy on my list of places to visit. It looks like you hasd a good time. Diane

  2. So jealous! Thanks for sharing. xox Lynette

  3. Diane,
    The memories are from our 2006 trip and Italy, especially Tuscany and Umbria were our faves - coming in the next few weeks.
    You guys are so lucky being so close to such exciting places.

    How nice to hear from the US rellies - Sue said she wants to be in Virgina right now. Keep in touch.


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