Thursday, August 12, 2010

Funky Friday

For Funky Friday, I tried to post another video, but it didn't work - so here's a funky little pink Fiat Bambino instead. We met the owner while wandering the grounds of an Abbey in Burgundy - Guess what, we recognised her due to her apparel. She was wearing all pink.


PS Can anyone advise me on posting videos??????


  1. Hi there, just clicked on to this and it tells me the video is private:-(

  2. Couldn't watch it either. It is a "private" video. Is is X rated (lol)?

  3. I'm still learning with Blogger.
    Not sure why it doesnt work - Oh well, back to the drawing board.
    I'm also having trouble with my "verification"sometimes with Blogger.

  4. I always wanted a really pink car. Or purple. This one is very cute.

    (word verification is "exessen". An excess of pink, perhaps.)

  5. Love this little pink job. We had a friend with a Porsche Carrerra the same colour, (some years ago) we gather it was a one off that came out of the factory that colour. It was a shock to him at first after waiting for his order, but everyone grew to love it and it was certainly very recognisable. Diane


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