Sunday, August 29, 2010

Don't you love weekends? Just bits & Pieces.

Not far off entering September and spring, Sunday offered us clearing skies but later this week the rains will be back, but that's OK coz we will get to wash our cars again. But just with a bucket only!!!!
We can water our gardens but not the lawns. Sue says we can start on the veggie garden soon.
The water reserves are improving after Australia and our part of the country emerge from a few years of drought.

I had a small ride this morning as my back is improving with still a little niggle down the left leg. One of my training partners, Paula is a masseuse and she said it was time for some real pain. After the ride I was on the massage table and giving the occasional yelp. Ouch!
Feeling pretty good after that, I said to Sue, "Let's grab a quick lunch and then go shopping."
Food and wine shopping that is. Other than the chocolate I bought, I have no idea what else was in the trolley. The wine included some Montepulciano D'Abuzzo from Italy, some white wine and some raisin port.
Should last us until the end of the week.
Mow the lawns and some weeding saw me relaxing with our first Rosé for Spring.

I saw this bus pass me and I thought, there's a great blog piccie of Lizzie in rollers.
Sue decided she needed some tea at Tea Too........
I was really impressed with their innovative display though.
I'm about to start on painting the interior of the house, starting with the study. The colours have been selected by Sue. I'm a bit out there but Sue prefers subdued colors so that she can add light and shade later - maybe she's right. The subdued white is for the walls, and the grey is for the cornice.
The cornice is the bit between the ceiling and the wall - that picture on the wall is a poster from Albi where we visited my favorite artist's exhibition - Toulouse Lautrec.
A very casual dinner on a Sunday night -
(Sue speaking now) One of my favourite shops here is called T2.  It's all about tea.  Anything you can think of regarding a cuppa is there. From teapots to fabulous cups to strainers to tea blends and's there. All presented beautifully by someone skilled at making you want to spend money!
I'm not a fan of herbal teas. In my opinion most taste like dirty's where the big but comes in, can you tell?
This weekend I bought a tisane of lemongrass and ginger which can be mixed with another of Turkish apple and cinnamon....and it is very nice indeed. Subtle but feels like it's doing you good and tastes great as well.  My son smells it and to him it smells like apple, where to me it smells like ginger. Go figure.
I also bought one called French earl grey, which is a lot more subtle than the Twinings one I know. It is still aromatic but a lot less bergamotic (if that's even a word).
Anyhow, they cost a bomb, but I reckon it's my treat for the month and a lot more healthy than the multiple kgs of chocolate that is Leon's habitual treat! So tell me what's your treat?  Chocolate, tea, or something different?


  1. Leon, cornice is crown molding here. I know corniche is a french word. I think they use it for the outside of a building. (I have been in the US longer than in France so I forget french words often).
    Sue, I love tea and chocolate but not together. I am not a fan of PG tips even though all the Brits I work with love that "ultimate tea".
    (I don't drink coffee).

  2. Sue, I'm not so fond of tea, but I do drink the (very) occasional cup of Gunpowder Green Tea. It's supposed to be very good for you :)! Martine


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