Monday, August 16, 2010

SNOW in them thar HILLS

Monday morning I was hoping to have a ride for the first time in a week. At 5.35 am I looked out the window and it was wet. Next was a quick computer check and sure nuff, the rain clouds were looming towards the bay area in Melbourne. No ride this morning so back to bed for an extra hour. When I did get up, the TV was on and the weather forecast said 12 degrees maximum in Melbourne. Check out Darwin at 34 degrees. It sure is a big country.

And as I was buttering my crumpets and having a cuppa at 7.38 am, the weather man appeared at Mount Buller, Victoria amongst some of the best snow at the ski fields for some time.

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  1. Cycling in the snow is no fun. Found that out last year when we went on a pub run with the cycle club. It started snowing quite a lot while we were out and it felt like we were cycling home in a blizzard:( Very difficult to see as the glasses get covered and if you take them off you can still see nothing!!Diane


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