Monday, September 05, 2016

Taking Shape

Work on the house are actually are taking shape now. The brickwork is about completed and the plasterers have finished their work. The rooms are now making more sense to us and now we are putting thought into our furniture arrangement.

We'll begin with the master bedroom and follow up on a daily basis of the other rooms during this week as there has been so much progress in the last month.

The master bedroom actually has a walking foyer. Double doors will  be installed at the entrance. We'll probably have some form of side table and lamp here. At the end of the walk thru is the bedroom and off to the right is the en-suite and with a generous dressing room.
Looking back from the bedroom, to the left is the walking dressing room.
The bedroom has an aspect of morning light and Sue is considering what window furnishings would best suit.

The en-suite. To the right on the wall will be a double vanity and at the far end is the shower recess that will have just a large glass wall allowing for a walking/walk out access. Maybe down the track as we grow older, it will be much easier.
Tomorrow, we'll move to the other rooms - all very exciting for us. Almost forgot to tell you, Sue's kitchen arrives this week for installation.


  1. We love our walk-in shower - so clean and allows so much light that it seems to expand the room.
    I don't see any downside to making provisions for aging-in-place - did you reinforce the walls in the bathroom where you may require handholds?
    Have fun.
    Regards Janine

  2. I love the large glass wall in the bedroom. It fills the room with light and, hopefully, opens out onto a gorgeous green space.

    1. Very good point on the hand holds as my father is staying at xmas

    2. Yep. Green space it will eventually be with a high conifer wall already established Hels


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