Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Fit-Out has Started

The Carpenters have arrived and the fit-out has started. We thought that we were going to be delayed as the carpenter was transferred to another job to work on a house frame however with the recent rains, he came back to our house. He obviously wanted to work indoors. How fortunate for us.

Sue's kitchen is now taking shape. The back cabinet work is to have two ovens installed. The large island bench gives her plenty of room to prepare for this large dinner parties and possibly even some cooking schools for the locals.
Only a small sink is being installed in the island bench as all the washing up and preparation will happen in the butler's pantry. Even the dishwasher will be there. The open space in the island bench is for a wine cooler.
The butler's pantry has a double sink and on the other side is another bench for Sue's appliances. Kitchen Aid, Ice Cream Maker, etc.
We are now looking from the master bedroom - to the right is the walk-in dressing room.
In front of us is the en-suite vanities. To the left is an open walk-in shower and behind the vanity wall is the toilet.
With 10 weeks to the end of November, we are getting nervous about meeting our deadline to be in before Christmas. The carpenter has finish off with all the architraves and skirting boards, then we have the tilers, painters, electricians before the floor coverings can be laid. Cross your fingers for us.


  1. Hope work proceeds at a pace and you are in for Christmas.

  2. Oh wow things are moving fast. Like your centre kitchen island, ours is great, but we made the mistake of no electric sockets in it! I just us an extension if necessary now as to take up the floor would be a major expense. No intentions of ever moving again so too late for the learning curve!! All the best D & N xx

    1. Sue had both power points and USB ports added. Would never have thought of USB ports 10 years ago!

  3. Oh, Leon, how wonderful for Sue. It will be an absolutely amazing kitchen. We had a remodel a few years ago, but with a limited amount of space we couldn't do as much as you've had done. I did insist, however, on having an island, even if it does have wheels so it can be moved out of the way when I'm finished using it.
    Thanks for your comment about our darlin' dog Lindy. Of course you and Sue understand what it is to have an elderly animal. I enjoy every moment with her, and even like to hear her snoring, which she does a lot because she sleeps most of the day now, as I imagine your Blue Burmese does, too.
    All the best to both of you. I can almost feel Sue's excitement as the kitchen progresses. One of the high points in a woman's life!
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    1. Yes, she does snore (the cat, that is). We are both getting anxious now with the house and it is one of the benefits of a new design rather than a renovation however I'm sure once we are in, there will be things we wish we had changed.


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