Friday, September 09, 2016

Celeste is now part of our family

Celeste came to us by putting out a post to members of a Club I was part of when it formed.
We were a breakaway group of the Citroen Car Club of Victoria. 
We were young bucks with older Citroens and an elder colleagues had newer Citroens. 
We wanted to preserve and maintain our Traction Avant. 
They saw it as a threat so we formed the Citroen Classic Owners Club of Australia - a very grand title. Well we still exist. I've been a member off and on as I have owned classic Citroens. That's now a smidge less than 50 years ago now.

I probably owned four before Sue and I met, and now Celeste is our second since then. Our first together was 20 years ago. Sue's father had a Family Nine Traction Avant which was a very long wheelbase limo. There seems to be a link here.

Celeste joins our family and we will lavish the love and care she deserves as a lady that has aged gracefully in her almost 70 years. She has a few wrinkles that we will iron out in the future but they are merely cosmetic as her engine still yearns for the rural country roads of Victoria's central highlands. She'll enjoy taking our friends to the local cafes, villages, wineries and spa country of our region.

I think she may feature in many future posts on "Our Country Life".

Although French in origin, she was dressed by the British with somewhat more refinement. The Brits gave her a little bling such as chrome jewellery. Note the headlights and parkers, not to mention the grille.
Also due to the British climate, she was given a sunroof. Why one would ask but it works for Australia.
I've always thought that the pre 1953 models always had a more attractive derriere and those lovely drooping bumpers give her sweeping curves sex appeal - don't you agree?
Another thing the Brits did was to offer a walnut dash in place of painted metal.  She still retained that long gearshift from the dash to stir her three speed front mounted gear box. Not many gears but her long stroke 1911cc heart has the power to climb the underrating terrain of our region with gusto.
The French gave their local Tractions fabric upholstery however, the Brits pulled out the Connelly hide and in Celeste's case she was pampered with a maroon hide for her black exterior.
Celeste took me to my Thursday Petanque game this week - I think she really just wanted to show off to my friends in Trentham. What do you think?


  1. What a sexy looking which really must be a sheer pleasure to drive around in.

    1. Yes Vera, she is a very exquisite lady and very refined to drive in country Victoria. I must admit that she does draw many glances and smiles from the locals.


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