Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wet, Wet, Wet.......

When we moved to the area last January, the land was in drought. Everything was burnt and the creeks were dry. We have three water supply areas, these reservoirs were at there lowest for many years the locals told us.

Well, the drought has broken and again the locals tell us that its been years since the heavens have opened to this extent. The reservoirs are now above capacity and the excess is running over the spillway and filling the other two water storages further on down the Coliban River.

This is a part of the lower Coliban River that takes water from the upper dam and feeds the two lower dams, the Lauriston and the Malmsbury. On our training rides by here the river was no more than a trickle where horses grazed on the flat sections. 
This area of the spillway was just concrete and weeds. Big difference now.
Great patterns in the water. 
We were not the only people enjoying the flow of the reservoir, we were joined by several local families who had not seen the changes for many years.
We now have enough water to keep our gardens green for some time.

More rains today over the Central Highlands


  1. so lovely.. I'm eagerly waiting for the rain..

    1. The rains do eventually come Krishna - ours have not stopped for the last 24 hours this time and the same last week.

  2. It is good to see the water return to the land, at least you will be able to keep your garden watered. Storms expected here today, so hopefully we shall also get some rain to get our fields growing again.

    1. Summers do that to the fields Vera. When we moved up here, everything was burnt brown.


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