Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Grand Parade

For the last two weeks Kyneton has been celebrating their annual Daffodil festival. Shop keepers have wheelbarrows with daffodils sprouting, flags in the street announce the festival and the locals small and rejoice that spring has sprung.
The last Sunday - after two weeks of celebrations, ends with a street parade of the community organisations down Mollison street, Kyneton. This was the first experience for us and it made us feel pleased to be part of the locals and the visitors to experience the event. We may even be part of it next year due to the fact that we now have Celeste to join the grand parade.

Let's show you what we mean by a serious of photos from the day. No words to explain the great day.

Next weekend we are off to a TRACTOR PULL at a very small village called Metcalfe, probably about 15 kms from Kyneton. The local Car Club at Trentham are putting on a display and Celeste will be part of it.

Much has happened last week so there will be two further posts during this week on Our Country Life to do with the progress of the house and an exciting news for our local community.


  1. 'Daffodils, at this time of year!', I thought, us here in France now heading towards autumn. Then I remembered that you are in opposite seasons to us so will be heading towards spring!

    1. That's funny Vera - yep, we are down under. Love the French autumns. Most times we have been in France is September onwards.

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