Thursday, September 15, 2016

Celeste has new shoes

You may remember that we have a new member to the family. Only just a few posts ago, we introduced you to Celeste Citroen. She's a lady of distinction however she is getting on a little and we booked her in for a health check. She actually came up quite well but she does have a few wrinkles that need attention.

One of her rear brake cylinders needs attention and also her side rear vision mirror needs replacement.  She also suffers from very minor incontinence from her oil sump - not major but it will need to be monitored. Her engine still has much torque and she enjoys the underrating country side of our central highlands.
The car doctor did say however that Celeste would improve if we bought her some new shoes - isn't that what every lady of distinction needs. So we order her a whole new set of Michelin 165 x 400 radial ply tyres. Maybe if she's good, down the track, we may just order her a new frock but her paintwork is still holding up well - why wouldn't over a body like hers?

Celeste's new shoes are naturally French

We hopeful that Celeste will be back in our garage during next week after her week at the beauty parlour.
More on the progress of the house next week - with all this rain the Tradies are working on our house so they don't get drenched. More power to us.

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