Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is not about me, but my Mother and Father.
Jack is 93 and Meryl, my mother, my father's wife married in the late 40s, they bought a home in the working class suburb northern of Melbourne. They made a life for themselves for themselves with my sister and I.
Meryl passed away in 1978 and Jack naturally still holds a special spot in his heart after 36 years without his soul mate.
I guess we will all experience the same loss in our lives sometime - some day.


  1. Losing a beloved partner early, as your dad did, is a tragedy. He is very brave.

    Living together for 70 years, then losing one partner, would also be a tragedy. My mum and dad, in their 90s, want to spend every moment together.

  2. I know how much my Mum missed my Dad. Every day she used to say Oh Dad would have done that for me. Take care and enjoy friends and family while you can. Diane


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