Saturday, July 19, 2014

Back on the Bike

I know that I bang on a bit about bikes but its a lifestyle thing since I was a toddler. My folks told me I rode a bike before I could walk. I had this little circuit in the house where I would sprint up the hallway and around into the dining room via the sitting room and back up the hallway. The woodwork was chipped on the edges from my constant falls. Things don't change!!!!!! I still fall off.

How true is this statement.
After four weeks since my fall when I fractured two ribs, I had my first real training ride. It's the depths of winter here in Bayside Melbourne. I donned the thermals (7 degrees) for a 6.00 am start at the corner to meet the guys for the Saturday ride. We actually start before the main 7.30 am group for the extra kms but enjoy a stop along the way at a dedicated cyclists cafe - strangely called Cafe Racer.

Many of the cycling fraternity begin and finish their rides rides from Cafe Racer in St Kilda. Its about 20 odd kms from our starting point and a great place for a coffee and croissant. The walls have photos on the walls, all of a cycling theme - Eddy Merckx of Belgium is a favorite of all. There's the old time photos of the early Tour de France riders having a ciggie or a swig of French wine from the bottle.

Even our local Melbourne newspaper ran stories on the TdF and cycling generally while the Tour is in progress.
OK, now back to me - I can't tell you how good it was to be back out there on the bike with like minded friends - cold it was but the friendships within the sport are warm. PS: 70 kms for the today, a good start.

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