Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesdays in France

To end our previous trips to France (it will be our 6th in October this year) we treat ourselves to one week in Paris. You'd think after several trips you would have explored the many nooks and crannies of this wonderful city. I like to take the camera down the little lane ways to see what I might discover.

Just down Rue de Grenelle, I found this lovely piece of history cowering below the more modern apartment houses around and above it.

The Tudor like buildings, the roses and other leafy growth drew me further within the grounds of the property where I found a small church. The path took me past the church and back out to the busy and noisy main streets of Paris once again. These little gems of serenity are a peaceful respite from the bustling commercial life of Paris.

Can anyone tell me where I was - not a competition, I'd just like to know more.


  1. I have never seen half timbered houses in Paris, or if I have, the memory has slipped into the grey slush. Taste moved back and forward across the Channel, so who knows? It is rather lovely.

    1. Hels - there many more half timbered houses in Paris that I have discovered. Many in Honfleur near the coast and who was the Australian artist that spent time there Hels. I'm sure you would know.

  2. I love Paris, even though I have only been twice and that was fifty plus years ago! I don't think that I shall ever visit this lovely city in this lifetime, but I can still become familiar with it via your photos. This looked a lovely diversion.

  3. Vera - there are so many hidden gems within Paris and because you are so much closer that us, I don't understand why you don't treat yourselves. Maybe we could work out a deal as house sitters. We are actually house sitting on this trip. Love reading your life in France although we may not comment, we are always there.


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