Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Wednesdays in France

OK - I know I've been a bit spasmodic with our Wednesdays in France posts but life when working gets a bit busy. I can tell you that our excitement thermometer is rising with now only 10 weeks before we spend 10 weeks in Italy and France. We start with flying into Rome and pick up our lease Citroen C4 and then  driving to Gaiole in Tuscany for our retro bike ride. We have about 28 Aussie friends joining us. What a hoot that will be.

After about 15 days or more in Italy we meander across Italy and France to see our friends C & M in the Loire. They are off to travel and catch up with friends elsewhere while we feed their pets, mow lawns, vacuum and dust. (my jobs Sue tells me).
Here's a few photos of our wonderful times in what Sue calls her spiritual home - the Loire.
Enjoying a river scene in Chinon
Chinon - a favorite of ours. Hello to Helen and Jean Michel

A cottage in Thenay near Pontlevoy and up the road from Montrichard - it holds special memories for us. We didn't realise at the time but the cottage came with friends. Hello to Carol and Mikee
We will then get some idea what it is to live the life in the Loire - will we survive, only time will tell.

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