Thursday, July 10, 2014

A New Home for Our Club

In 1982, Sue and I bought a red MGB. I'd had an indigo blue one in the mid-70s and so early in our relationship when I was the one who should be obeyed, I talked her into having this red MGB for her everyday car. Not long after buying the car we joined the MG Car Club of Victoria. The Club formed in 1958 and with a modest membership of over 100 members back then and now has become one of,  if not the largest Car Clubs in Victoria, with over 1500 members.

Although not as active in recent years, we were invited to the opening of the new Club rooms Wednesday night. In those early years Sue and I held committee positions and in recent times I'd completed a book on the 50 year history of the club that had been published and released for sale this year, so we were quite chuffed to be invited with other long standing, but not so active members to witness the opening of the rooms.

This our third "NEW" home in the 30 plus years we have been members, each time having to move due to expanding membership. The Club has been financial enough to retain our second home and purchase the next door warehouse and transform it into a true MG home. The carpet has a pattern of MG octagon logos, the suspended ceiling is a formation of multiple octagon shapes and our lectern is the grill, fenders and headlights of an MG TC. There's all the computer electronics to work the lights and projectors that really are quite dazzling. It was a fantastic night of frivolity with old friends renewing memories of the past. One person was asked what they thought made this Club special - who answer was, "It's just like a family". So very true.

The President stands behind a very special lectern with the image of our club logo projected on a permanent screen.
This special occasion attracted 240 members for the grand opening.
Lots of grey hair and in some cases none at all.
Our 50th anniversary took on the title, "From Larrikins to Old Snoozers"
There was a small presentation of the early pre-war twin overhead cam MGs on the screen.
And the real thing sat in the club room along side the 240 members so you can get an idea how large the main room is.
I suspect we will now become a little more active within the Club after enjoying the company of the many friends we've made over our 30 plus years of membership.


  1. Loved my brother's TC, wish I still had it :-)) Diane

    1. Diane - Sue and I have had maybe seven MGs over the years - a few Triumphs and a couple of Alfas but now Bicycles fill the Garage.

  2. I was going to say that I have never seen a car-lecturn before.. it is terrific.
    But I went back to have a look at a car-desk, Louro Preto and chestnut burl veneer. It was also amazing

    My hair is totally grey. I would have felt at home amongst your group :)

    1. I checked it - noyce.
      Which is best - grey hair or no hair - well for blokes I mean.


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