Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Blues Brothers of Bikes...

A sunny Sunday Melbourne morning was just perfect for a Father and Son ride. The last time we did this, Mitch was 12 years old, me 50. Hope we don't wait that long before our next ride - I don't think I could keep up.

This Sunday was the running of the Annual 220 kms Round the Bay ride. Some 8000 riders of all ages, sizes and physiques were out today. Mitch and I were just doing a casual ride to Frankston and back, not much more than a casual 50 kms spin with a coffee stop half way.
Sitting down for coffee we watched the 1000s of riders heading off for the epic ride, many on bikes that I would not even consider using. Very brave people but all with a purpose in mind and the fact that much of their entry money went to charity was good to see. I wonder how they will feel Monday morning.

Cool Dudes - Blues Brothers of Bikes.

Many of you who read this blog will know my passion for the bike. Its a great way to meet people and to absorb the local scene at a more leisurely pace than from the inside of a car. I like to chat to the riders we meet on the road, make contact in some way. I saw a chap on a uni-cycle and gave him a thumbs up - he did the same back to me.
The bikes we rode today have only one gear - Beach Road, Bayside is flat so we don't need lots of gears.

As we sat having our coffee, one could wonder what this bayside town may have been like way back during the early years - well not so early in context of European history. Frankston was an early fishing village in 1850, reached only by boat from Melbourne. Later a dirt track was opened up that today is a busy thoroughfare. A freeway bypassing the many beach side suburbs was opened up for those that were on their way somewhere else pass Frankston.

Frankston was the site of the first Australian Jamboree in 1935.
Gregory Peck starred in "On the Beach" filmed in the Frankston area. Ava Gardner, not that impressed said that if you were going to film the end of the world, then Melbourne would be the place!!!
Frankston was the location of the film, "On the Beach" made from the book by local writer Neville (Shute) Norway. It was also the home to Graham Kennedy, an early pioneer of Australian live Television.
Here's a skit he did in the early years of Australian television, only months into a long running variety show, "In Melbourne Tonight".


  1. Sounds like you had a good day. 8 thousand sounds quite a lot, but when I think of the 40 thousand in the Argus cycle tour in S.Africa...... You should think about a trip there in March just to do the ride. I would love to go again, I have done it 8 times, but now we would like to see France instead of more S.A. so I guess there is not much chance of going to S.A. Not sure I could stand the training now that I am almost 70!! I like my 20 to 30 km rides now a days :-)) Nigel usually does 50 km tho'. Have a good week Diane

    1. You've mentioned the Atgus before - Amazing and you've done it 8 times. fantastic.

  2. I must get out bikes sorted out. They are stored away in one of the barns and last time I looked they were in a sorry state. Used to like cycling once upon a time, and really should find the time to take it up again, maybe as a project when I run out of other projects.

    1. I can see you riding thru the French countryside with the groceries in the basket and a bottle of vino and a baguette.

  3. That's one coool photo of you both !!


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