Saturday, October 27, 2012

Funky Friday on a Saturday

One night this week I called into my favorite CD shop and I was looking for something new - new music at my age is hard to find.
Well not hard to find but hard to like. I don't listen to the current music stations anymore. Way, way back I had a momentary interest in Jazz and also remember that we had a few albums hanging around the house of Miles Davis. My son's have also been listening to some Davis so I bought three CDs to get into.

While I write this, I'm listening to his "Sketches of Spain". I really like it as I look out the study window watching the gentle breeze move the new spring growth in the garden.

Maybe some of you out there in Blog land could recommend a favorite CD I should listen to.


  1. We are mostly hooked on Music of the 60's. Having not heard our collection for so long as they have been packed away, we are really enjoying listening to them now in the new rooms upstairs. The rooms up there are also much warmer than the rest of the house, so guess where we will spending a lot of time during winter!! Have a great weekend u 2. D & N

  2. 60's is good and 70s.
    Is the collection vinyl or CD. Currently listening to Janis Joplin while typing this.


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