Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Montparnasse - Paris - March 2010

Flying in to Charles de Gaulle has become like walking through the great mouth of Luna Park - the delights of another trip to France waiting to be experienced. Never thought we would look upon an International Airport in that manner but its what lay beyond the airport that fills you with anticipation.

Even waiting for Paris Shuttle has become a familiar experience now. I remember our first experience of arriving at CdG and Paris Shuttle. Where do we go, will Paris Shuttle be there - panic, panic. Now its just matter of course.

This trip would hold no surprises, no dramas - France had become familiar to us. Plus it was the year of my 60th birthday, a present from Sue. Not a long trip this time, only 3 weeks, with two weeks of living in a Paris apartment.

Paris Shuttle took us to our hotel which was almost across the road to Gare Montparnasse. This is where we would catch the TGV to Tours for an overnight stay before meeting with friends on the Cher river in the Loire.

The view from our hotel room. Montparnasse Tower lurking.
Bringing the bike with me, I was looking forward to doing the same as this fellow, riding the streets of Paris and getting lost.
I'm not sure if we were jet lagged or not but we did wander down the road from our very average hotel - as I said it was close to the station being the only reason we booked it.
There it was, just on the main drag - Le Montparnasse 1900 on Boulevard Montparnasse. We thought, "that might be a nice place to try for dinner".
The decor is Bell Epoque and the menu was mainly seafood - I had oysters!!!!!!!
I do remember that I enjoyed the meal, the wine and the general experience but it's now over two years ago to give you an informed critique. I did look it up on a few forums and noticed mixed reviews.

Scenes from a restaurant. le Montparnasse 1900.

Reflections in a mirror.
Even the toilets are worth a visit.
For us, breakfast is always a street cafe.
Traditional French breakfast - Petit Dejeuner but at home its probably a cup of tea with vegemite toast.
The morning of our train trip to Tours loomed and so we needed to have an early breakfast. We tend not to eat at the hotels, preferring to find a cafe and watch the Paris life go by. Much better than sitting in a hotel with other tourists or business travellers. Petit Dejeuner of juice, coffee, croissant or a bread stick is our choice.

It was time to get back to the hotel, collect the bags and get the TGV for Tours. See you next Wednesday.


  1. Paris is not my favourite place and we do not have very good memories of flying into CdG. We thought that we would never find our bags.

    1. I think on our first trip, we may have had the same memories but as I said in the post, CdG is just the beginning of more lovely experiences of what Sue calls, he spiritual home.

  2. An average hotel is not really a problem so long as the bed is comfy. How long do you stay in the hotel? If it is not very long does it matter? We are out and about all day as I think you are. We were close to the Moulin Rouge last time we were there, interesting!
    We have never flown in only gone in by train.
    Keep well Diane

    1. We wish we could hope on a train and be in Paris instead of wasting a whole day of our lives in a plane Diane.

  3. Replies
    1. I think you might be right - Blasé maybe but also blessed.

  4. Leon - do you dare to tell the rest of the story i.e. following your arrival at Tours!!!!!
    Carol & Michael

    1. You Betchya - how I destroyed your toilet. It will be a feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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