Sunday, October 14, 2012

Meeting an old Friend

I heard that the Citroen Classic Owners Club of Australia was having their annual concours and they could not have wished for a better day. A very pleasant spring day - cloudless sky - about 24 degrees, perfect.
In the late 60s, early 70s I was a member of the Citroen Car Club of Victoria. Most of the members were of a rather mature aged and owned the more modern D Series Citroens but us youngsters were more interested in the Traction Avant and 2CVs. Anyway we were seen as those kids that drove those old cars. We were at the time keen to preserve the Classic Citroens and trying to keep them on the road by stockpiling spares. The Club didn't see this as part of their charter so there was a parting of the ways, hence the "Citroen Classic Owners Car Club of Australia".

Sue and I owned a 1951 Slough built Traction Avant. It was our first but in a previous life I'd owned several Citroens and as a young girl, Sue's father owned a Family 9 or in French, a Familiale.

I've called this post, "Meeting an old Friend" because that Citroen Traction Avant just happened to be on display on the day. Three of its previous owners just happened to be there on the day. The son of the people I bought the car from, and the person that currently owns the car - it still has its original number plates.
So Bob, Steve and I had a good old chin wag.

The Citroen Classic Owners Club of Australia logo has not changes since its inception during the 70s.
Sue and I purchased our Traction Avant sixteen years back when I had a payout from a company that I worked for. It was probably the fifth that I've owned since my late teenage years. I have to admit that I was feeling a little nostalgic.
Now this it what most Citroen Traction Avant enthusiasts would want in their garage.
If you're looking for a bit more power, how about a Maserati engined Citroen SM.
Or maybe the Citroen CX?
Then there's the D-Series 
But the cutest of all the Citroens is the 2CV, Deux Chevaux

This sign that you see on the side of the 2CV above was from the RAID. What's a RAID - well its when these crazy 2CV owners travel some ungodly distance through Australia, from the big cities to the outback and through deserts and over the alps. Brave people indeed.
So that was the feature of our "Weekend in Melbourne". After meeting an old (Citroen) friend, Sue and I with our son Mitch traveled into South Melbourne market to have lunch. Bad mistake, Sue's favorite kitchenware shop (one of many), The Chef's Hat was just across the road.
After Flathead, chips and a white wine it was off to The Chef's Hat and some spending.

Overall, its been a great weekend - hope yours was too.


  1. Have you ever heard of a Rosengart before? I took a photo of this car last month and it took both of us some searching to discover what it was, see my last post.
    Looks like the weather was good for the Citroen day, it has turned quite cold here the last 2 days and we woke to rain this morning and it looks like it is going to be non stop today! Keep well D & N

    1. I had heard of Rosengart and I think he also helped design modified traction Avants - I could be wrong.
      I must Google it.
      The weather is about to turn here after a glorious weekend.

  2. Leon, is there a lot of french bashing in Austrtalia? There is so much in the US, it is starting to affect some french people I know who live in Southern states.

    1. Nadege,
      I'm not sure if I understand "French Bashing" as we seem to like the French here in Australia. Although we have the alliance with the USA, there seems to be a negative attitude towards America but mainly with their Government.

  3. Leon, is there a lot of french bashing in Austrtalia? There is so much in the US, it is starting to affect some french people I know who live in Southern states.

  4. French-bashing does exist in Australia occasionnally. During the nuclear testing in the 90s under President Chirac's government, it was extremely virulent and would target the French in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands countries. In Vanauatu, there is no love for french and the Australian have fuelled the anti-French movement after the rebellion of Santo, encouraging the Walter Lini government to expel and expropriate the french, get rid of the french language, the French Law system, and the effects of this policy are still visible today. i would not bet one penny on the so-called Australian love for the french


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