Friday, October 05, 2012


Melbourne Victoria along with most other states will start Daylight Saving Time  Sunday morning. Both Northern Territory and Queensland will stay on normal time. That will now put them one hour behind us southern states, ooops - almost forgot, add 5 years to that!!!!!!

Well most southerners that migrate north for warmer winter weather will tell you that they miss the culture and forward thinking of us southerners. We enjoy our culture - music, food, entertainment. Those northerners will tell you its because we have to spend more time indoors due to the inclement weather. They maybe right.

Back to the subject in mind - DST starts as I said. Initially Australia first had DST in 1917 during WWI but it was discontinued afterwards. It was brought back during WWII for three summers but it wasn't until 1967 that Tassie reintroduced it. 1971 saw South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales install DST permanently in summer.
Counties that enjoy DST in colour

Every year I get a little confused as to which way I should wind or rewind the hands on the clock. At each end of summer I could find myself either in front of my cycling bunch or chasing them up the road an hour behind.
They say "Spring forward" and "Fall back" to remind you - yeah maybe, we'll see if I'm up front or chasing the boys up the road this Sunday morning.
I do know this week we didn't need lights at 5.30 am training but DST will be stealing my morning daylight and the lights will be back on in the mornings.

The curtains will continue to fade and the cows will stop giving milk due to their confusion.
And finally - how come my computer knows to SPRING and FALL at the appropriate times.


  1. Just typed a long comment which I did not save and it has gone AWOL!!!!
    Our clocks change 28 October, not sure which way but I think they go back. Never had to do this in S. Africa so my little brain has a struggle with this phenomenon.
    Weather here has improved and Nigel went out and cycled 49 kms this morning. I stayed at home as a friend was bringing some plants around. Good job I was there as the neighbour arrived with some lamb chops. He keeps a few sheep and when the kill one off they usually think of us. They are the best lamb chops I have ever tasted, yum yum looking forward to dinner tonight :-)
    Take care D & N (saved this time)

    1. Tell Nigel to keep cycling as I intend to bring my back back in 2014. Had a Lamb pie yesterday - very yummy.

  2. It is a depressing thought. Here, the clocks go back at the end of the month, which means shorter, darker and colder days. I envy you.

    1. CW - Be very jealous, we need some sunshine again and this morning has returned to winter.


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