Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Goodbye Paris

Our time in Paris was drawing to a close - we'd been here for a week. It was a good way to unwind after exploring France for the last month. Our apartment was delightful with the intimate outdoor courtyard where each evening birds would come to get a free feed from us. We'd seen sights that we had missed from our previous times in Paris like Montmartre, the inside of Palais Garnier and Pere Lachaise. We revisited Galleries Lafayette for lunch and I took my bike this time and rode with other cyclists at Vincennes parklands and the Velodrome within the parklands.
We experienced marvellous food and wine of the various districts. Starting from Charles deGaulle airport, we picked up our lease car and drove to Senlis, Chantilly, down to the Loire and across to Burgundy over a five week period. It had been a trip of meeting people and forming friendships that still are very special to this day.

We walked the canals of Paris.
And the boulevards - our visit was coming to an end.
Bastille was familiar to us during our 2006 trip. This time we stayed close by, enjoyed the district  like locals.
Ashley, Our Son's girlfriend found time to visit in Paris - and have lunch at Galleries Lafayette.
Chocolate and Bicycles - where else but in Paris.
But don't leave your bike unattended otherwise you might end up with a unicycle.

The owl of Dijon and the Eiffel Tower.
France - for us is a home away from home.
The trip back home is never a pleasant one - almost a whole day sitting a metal fuselage with a heap of people you don't know or not really wanting to know. At least I have Sue beside me and for six weeks in France, sitting cramped in cattle class for over two days of coming and going is worth it.

This was the end of our third trip to France - back in 2006, we thought it would be our once in a life time trip with Sue's retirement. It wasn't and now we are planning our sixth trip back for 2014.

See you next Wednesday where will tell you of the next visit to France - Our fourth.

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  1. Ooops not much good just locking up your wheel in Paris!! Love these photos and we are certainly looking forward to your visit in 2014. Take care Diane


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