Monday, October 08, 2012

Dinner for Two - Home Alone

Yep, home alone. Just Sue and I. Our son Mitchy was out doing Karaoke. Sue has this new oven, hot plate and exhaust extractor installed earlier in the weekend and she wanted to cook. We went shopping on Saturday arvo, she who must be obeyed "invited" me along. Le Mule, that's me - she shops, I carry.

The new oven and le Mule.
Now I'm not complaining (too much), I do reap the rewards. Oh! I must say I do select wine to match the meal. I selected a Taltarni Cabernet Sauvignon. It actually has a romantic significance. Not long after we met, Sue bought me a wonderful wine rack with a dozen bottles of wine in it. Six of them were Taltarni.
We separately bought the wine, Sue the bubbles, me the red. without knowing we had both bought wine from the same maker. Taltarni has always been our favourite.
That's a huge piece of Rib-Eye. 

Potatoes cooked in duck fat - all crispy and golden.

Cherry tomatoes with garnished garlic mushrooms - a meal on their own.
Good wine, great food, candle on the table and home alone.
SUNDAY and daylight saving. We did move our clocks forward and I did get up to go for a morning ride however winter returned this morning with wind and showers so it was back to bed for a sleep in.
We had been to join friends from the MG Car Club to join them to enjoy their company and to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of what is now the Bathurst 1000 - a Supercar event run at Mount Panorama, Bathurst New South Wales. It originally started way back in the 60s at Phillip Island raceway in Victoria.

Mount Panorama was used as the venue for the 1937 Australian Grand Prix when Peter Whitehead from the UK came to Australia with his ERA racing car and won the event. The venue had been used again for the AGP and also for motorcycle racing. These days it is mostly a battle between Ford and Holden and the various devotees set up camp on the Mount in their specific groups to cheer on their favorite drivers.

We enjoyed the event in the comfort our friend's home with a spread of food and wine supplied by us all.

Bathurst in the 1960s.

Our friends from the MG Car Club together for the Bathurst 1000.
Our host Fritz in costume with the same MG TC he had as a young fella...
The helmet and the clothes he's had all these years and they still fit.
That was our weekend - hope yours was fun as well.


  1. I never thought I would become so middle aged that a dinner at home for two people would sound very appealing. But our house guests finally went home after a fortnight of noise and messiness. A quiet, special meal with my beloved would be VERY appealing, just now.

  2. Hels - we have some very special friends in the Loire and been invited to stay for more than the two nights on the last two visits. We have the theory that guests and fish can have the same effect after two days. So with that in mind, we really enjoy the time together.

  3. That looks mighty tasty! And the oven is cool, er, hot, er, nice! ;)

    1. Lotsastuff going on here, new kitchen stuff, painting hallway and then renovating the bathroom. Hope to sell up in two years so heaps to do. Not only was the meal tasty but the company was excellent as well.

  4. Loved the photo of you in the oven! And that dinner looked lovely, and those old cars! What did we do? Farm work! Ah well, the sun was shining, eggs and chips for tea as too busy to do anything else, but life is good! Will try and cook a 'proper' lunch today! Hope you have a good week.

    1. Vera,
      Eggs and Chips for dinner also sounds good - my mouth is watering. Every meal is enjoyable in good company.

    2. Right second try, last comment disappeared into thin air....
      Sue please tell me how you get crispy potatoes. Even using duck fat they still seem to come out soft with me, you must have a special way with them.
      Sounds like a good evening and that rib-eye looks fantastic. The oven looks good especially with the mule in it LOL.
      Take care D & N

  5. Diane, my second try as well. I can never remember how to log in so this an anonymous reply...from Sue!
    Make sure your pan with the duck fat is hot before you put the potatoes in. If they are still soft, just keep cooking them. I add salt, rosemary and chopped garlic. Decadent? Moi?
    Walt...loven the oven. It is indeed cool/hot, but unlike the last one, I get to choose when. Ha ha

  6. That meal looks delicious...and I covet the oven...and Sue's wonderful bottle of bubbles...also one of my favourites!

    1. Great to hear from you. Taltarni is one of your faves as well?


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