Sunday, June 10, 2012

What's happening in Melbourne?

It's been one whole week since we returned from Paris and out month in France. You believe that you need to go to Paris, London or New York for all the great things to do or see.
I thought I would research what Melbourne has on offer at the moment and was pleasantly surprised. sometimes you don't really need to go out of your back yard for some excitement or cultural stimulation.

This weekend is actually a long weekend as here in Melbourne we are celebrating the Queen's Birthday. It also marks the opening of the Ski Season in the Australian Alps which borders Victoria and New South Wales. It's given me a chance to mow lawns and cut back trees and shrubs between showers.
The weather hasn't been conducive to outdoor activities but there is much happening under cover in Melbourne this month.
One of the highlights that I hope we can experience soon it the Napoleon Exhibition, "Revolution to Empire". It covers French art, culture and life during Napoleon's reign. Hopefully we are over the colds we caught on our return and can visit the exhibition next weekend.

There's also an "Ancient Rome" Exhibition which covers machines that the Romans used to establish their empire. These models of war machines and Roman technology is on loan from Florence and the exhibition runs to July so we will need to visit before the end of the month.

I was never much of a Cat Stevens fan and in our collection of 1500 CDs, we don't have one of his albums. At the moment there's a live show in Melbourne called "Moonshadow" based around his songs. It may also be worth a visit before it ends.

Adding further music to our town is the Melbourne Jazz Festival with both local and International artists playing at the many venues around the city. You never know who you may encounter around Melbourne on the music scene. I was told while we were in Paris, Prince turned up unannounced and did an impromptu gig at a Melbourne venue. I remember

Another live show currently worth a visit might be "Annie" with mainly Australian performers but looking through the line-up, many are household names with very good credentials.

There's even an Indian Film Festival so Melbourne is buzzing during our winter months. Maybe Sue and I need to explore our own home town and report back to you over the next few weeks. In fact, I'm going to book tickets right now for the Napoleon Exhibition.


  1. Sorry that you have had colds, Nigel and I seem to get colds on a regular basis when we go near public transport. Glad also that you are feeling better.

    Wow you do have a lot on, the "Revolution to Empire" sounds interesting especially as it French related. I believe that Annie is excellent not that I have seen it myself.

    Our nephew is apparently in Melbourne this weekend so I discovered this morning, he has gone to see a friend.

    The weather here is horrible, cold and wet, we were lucky to have decent weather on Wednesday. Keep well D & N

    1. Hope to do one of those exhibitions next weekend.
      might be a good post

  2. There sure is a lot happening in your home-town ... Wow! I would be heading straight to the Napoleon Exhibition .... That guy certainly left his mark on life.

    1. We'll probably see both Nappie and the Roman Empire.

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