Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dijon Museums or a Rainy Day in Dijon

After being away in France during the month of May, we've settled back home and already feeling "home sick" for France.
"Wednesdays in France" is our way of documenting our trips from our first in 2006 which we thought might be a once in a lifetime thing. Since then we've returned in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012.
We used to go to Lakes Entrance in the eastern area of Victoria every year with our young boys before they became teenagers. Now they live overseas - we must have given them the travel bug.

Since we posted "Wednesdays in France" last, we were in Burgundy, staying in Dijon. We were radiating out from our base of Dijon most days but the weather on this particular day was fairly average and we decided we would visit two of the museums, Musee Magnin across the laneway and Musee des Beaux-Arts in the Palace of the Dukes.

The Musee Magnin was almost out the door of our apartment building. It is a 17th century hotel (Hotel Lantin) previously owned by the Magnin couple, Maurice and Jeanne whom collected over 2000 pieces of art in the form of paintings, sculptures and furniture.
The Musee Magnin outside the back door of our apartment.

The Musee des Beaux Arts is located in the Palace of the Dukes, again virtually outside our door, the front door. The Palais duc de Bourgogne dominates as you walk from the half circle square. It now houses not only the museum but is also Dijon's town hall. The tourism office is also in the building.

Palais duc de Bourgogne

Both Museums had much to offer in exhibits but many of my photos seem to have gone missing. If you happen to be in Dijon, take the time to wander through these two buildings and enjoy what they have to offer.

I found this little doco on youtube which will give you more of an insight to the Musee des Beaux Arts.


  1. We have been to Dijon but have not seen the museums. I am not sure about that draped skeleton - not very friendly art!! I think you have tried to add a 'You tube' which is not there! Makes no difference to me as I can't watch it anyway ;) Keep well Diane

  2. Aha I see the You Tube is now working, not for me though, I hate this slow connection!! Diane

  3. It is reassuring to know that the UK is not the only country that does not have good weather all of the time. The Dijon museums look a bit different to the norm.

  4. Diane - We really loved Dijon, its surroundings and our lovely host Coco.

    CW - Melbourne's weather is sometimes 4 seasons in one day, but never extreme during the full year and today is our shortest day so we progress towards spring now.


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