Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Australian Census

Only this week, the results from the 2011 Australian Census were released through the media. Although a national census, living in Melbourne, the results of our home state of Victoria were of most interest to us.
However nationally we have reached over 21.5M people and the average age of the population is currently 37. That puts Sue and I in the minority. We were once in our 30s - it was a great time. There was an American TV series at the time called, 30 Something. It was our lives.

Immigration has played a big part in Australia's development. Today one in four Australians were born outside Australia. The UK stand on the top of the podium with NZ, China and India following.
Within the household, the report states that there over 300 non-english languages spoken.
Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, Cantonese and Greek are some.

The average weekly wage is A$577 per week with rents rising to an average of A$285 per week.
People actually buying their own home are paying an average of $1800 per month.
This brings us to who lives in these homes - same sex couples were included for the first time in this census, yet many described their relationship as de facto. Children are staying at home longer and the aged are being cared for with their adult children.

Back to our home state and city, Victoria and Melbourne. We have grown to over 5.3M but take into account that you can fit the UK into Victoria and while I'm at it, the USA is about the same size as Australia. WE still have a bit of elbow room, don't we?
We pretty much have an even ratio of male/female with the ladies slightly out numbering the blokes by 100, 000, not that is of interest to me. I'm happily married.

Melbourne, our Home is a pretty good place to live generally. We've been placed at the top of the most livable cities of the world over recent years. Maybe our public transport doesn't match the big cities of Europe or Asia, maybe we are not as pretty or historic but in the scheme of things generally, I think how lucky was I to have been born in Melbourne and Australia. I'm sure most of our immigrants feel the same after making the choice, especially those who have come here seeking a new life from the persecution of non democratic, and war torn countries.


  1. I wonder how many languages are now spoken in the UK. It is getting hard to find English speakers there nowadays! Diane

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