Wednesday, June 06, 2012

First Week Back Home

Its taken a little motivation to start posting again - after four weeks of spring in France its difficult to find something in cold chilly Melbourne to write about.

Arriving back last Friday night, its also taken some time to get the body clock back on track and it still has a little way to go yet. We wake at 2.00 am and start falling asleep late afternoon. Twice I've let the eyelids drop at the traffic lights on the way home from work and wake to the sound of a friendly car horn.

After some great French spring weather, the cold weather has affected Sue and she's come down with a nasty cold. I've found it hard to get out for a morning ride as yet partly due to the cold but also our tiredness.

Just under 30 hours on a plane and crossing a multitude of time zones does funny things to your system.
Having said that - we are back home in Melbourne and its time to promote our great city to our readers.
As much as we love France, five visits now - we love our home by the bay.
We do think occasionally, how fortunate we are to have been born here. We don't get the extremes of weather, our economy is OK compared with other parts of the world and we have a great lifestyle that allows us to enjoy the area in which we live.

This weekend is our Queen's Birthday long weekend and the start of the ski season. My long weekend will be taken up by a heap of "catch-up duties" around the house like mowing and weeding.
My favorite tree "The Stick" has lost all its leaves and awaits my usual attack with the clippers and saw.
It started life as a single stick, poking out of the ground and now we can't stop its growth but it does give a lot of shade in summer.

So - in future posts we'll bring more of Melbourne - Our Home by the Bay to you with local happenings, history and general madness as it happens.

It was a great trip - but home is home.


  1. Hi Leon and Sue ... just catching up on the last part of your trip and yes it's a long tiresome flight home. I've been away .. trying to visit a few blogs on my ipad but mainly spending special time with family .. especially my Mum. I'm sure you'll love revisiting your holiday pics once your body-clock returns to normal.
    Thanks for the wonderful ride around La Belle France.

  2. It was our pleasure to have had you join us Dianne.
    Hope we can do the same on your next trip but until then we shall enjoy Adelaide with you.


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