Friday, June 22, 2012


A friend of mine, Ell on Wheels satisfies her cycling passion with an alternative bike and camera these days. She always as far as I remember had a camera ready in her cycling days but now uses her big BMW ex-cop bike to scoot around to search for interesting images.

Just today she sent me a link to a photographic exhibition that she was invited to contribute to.
I assume that she is one of the 150 street photographers included in the exhibition along with 26 professionals.
ONYA ELL and CONGRATS. I shall put the exhibition in my diary and I'm sure Dazza will join me.



  1. Congratulations Black Caviare :))) Well done Diane

    1. Is that right - I just woke up and you are the first to tell me the news.

  2. I was just reading your meeting in Oradour with Diane of My Life in the Charente and came for a visit. I’ll come back and read about your trip to France – I hope you had fun and the weather was pleasant. I am getting ready to watch le Tour de France live. Luckily the TV here in Atlanta shows it, so I don’t travel much those 3 weeks in July, but stay close to the set. How about Stuart O’Grady? I hope he will be in the Tour.

    1. Vagabonde - thank you for your visit.
      Unlike you in the US, we in Australia get live coverage from 10.30 PM to about 2.00 AM.
      It will be heavy eyelids for the month of July.
      We have many Aussies in this years TDF. I think that it will be an interesting Tour.

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