Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Have you been to Dole?

Our time at Dijon was drawing to a close - Dole was our last discovery in the department of the Jura and the region of Franche-Comte. The Doubs River runs by Dole and there were some delightfully peacefully scenes by the river and canals the blend together.
It was one of those pleasant days where lunch with a glass of wine in a side walk cafe was what the doctor ordered. We did this prior to discovering the medieval streets of Dole.
The town of Dole is not large, yet not small with a population of a little over 28,000. It's easy to manage in your car or maybe it was that we were there in the shoulder season.
Why did we go there - I'm not quite sure except we highlighted it in our dog-eared "Eye witness travel guide", but isn't that the way to make new discoveries?

We didn't realise at the the time it was the birthplace of Louis Pasteur and where the term "Pasteurisation" originated. Pasteur was born in Dole during 1822 and we saw the home where he entered the world to make his mark in history.

On the higher slops above the old town were these ladies in their hats - so elegant.

Louis Pasteur - a son of Dole.

A lane way leading down to the river Doubs.

Canals mingle with the river Doubs and you walk among the walkways to admire the serenity of Dole.

Dole was no more than an afternoon visit - not sure why, but a town worth a longer visit. Maybe there will be a next time and if not - we can say we saw a little bit of it.


  1. I knew about the Pasteur link but have only ever driven through on our way to the Alps.

    Did you spot that the building in pic4 is 'a vendre'?

    1. I think Sue was very aware of that sign and what a great view it would have looking out of the window.

  2. This looks a great place to spend a bit of time. We travel by so many places and afterwards we tend to look some of them up. Many are so interesting it is shame to drive by at 130kph which is what we always seem to do! I think pretty much every village in France has some interesting history if you can track it down. We must start travelling a bit while we are able and now have the time. A bit more building to do here at the house then no reason not to get away for a few days at a time. Take care, all the best D and N

    1. Although our times in France are all too short, we try the "Slow Travel" method. Iy offers more rewards.
      You and N live in a lovely part of the world to visit some historic areas which we enjoy reading on your posts.
      Currently saving for the next trip hopefully 2014.

  3. We camped not far from Dole a few years ago and really enjoyed the area. It's an interesting town, like so many others, full of surprises.


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