Friday, June 01, 2012


We had dinner last night with friends, Danielle and Michel, Parisians and they were a little concerned that we had a Paris shuttle taxi picking us up at 8.00 am for a 12 noon flight. They said it would be a long drive in peak time traffic. It was actually only 45 minutes. They are recommended as we use them on our trips to and from Paris.

The last suppper in Paris. Good Food, Good Friends - Magnificent Holiday.
Me, Danielle, Sue and Michel.
Sue lost her Foie Gras at airport security because she had it in carry on rather than checked luggage - Bummer. Other than that it was smooth sailing (or flying) there on to Singapore.

It's now 7.00 am (Singapore time) and we are sitting at Changi Airport having a beer - Tiger which is the local brew. The 13 hour flight from Paris was not as horrendous as we thought it might have been. Caught up on a little sleep and saw some movies but the best for me was a 3 hour documentary on Woody Allen.
Sue said that even being locked up in a plane for 13 hours wouldn't encourage her to watch it.

Catching up on some favourite Blog reading at Changi Airport.
It's now 9.30 pm Melbourne time and we are relaxing at our "Home by the Bay"in Melbourne.
The flight from Singapore arrived in early and Sue's brother picked us up at Melbourne Airport (Lovely Chap) and now I have a glass of French wine in my hand while posting this blog.

We'd just like to say thanks to all those that joined us on our little journey to our second home, France and hope we can keep in contact occasionally through Blog-World.
Leon et Sue.


  1. You make it "sound" like it was painless (except for the foie gras).
    Glad to know you are home and now resting from your adventures. I wish I had the time to travel but it will be a while before I can go back to visit my family.

    1. Nadege - I had an email today from a friend that said we only regret what we haven't done, not what we have done - or something similar.
      NIKE says just "Do it". Go visit family.
      Sorry to be Bossy.

  2. So glad that you are home and back in the groove as it were. You sound as if you travel that long haul much better than we do!!! Looking forward to your coming posts. D & N

    1. Thanks Diane (and Nigel of course as he is our new blog mate). I think we might consider an overnite stay next time.

  3. Welcome home! I wonder if you had your Tiger at Harrys Bar where I usually have my pre dawn champagne before the final flight to Perth. I hope the jet lag is not too vicious. Louise

  4. Louise - yep, thats the place for a drink in the morning before heading out again but jeeeez they play horrible music and loud.

  5. It's great to hear that you were all safe when arrived at Melbourne. Oh, and 45 minutes is certainly fast. I've checked your photos in Paris, and the ancient farmhouse looks amazing. It may have been a long trip,but it was worth it. Cheers!


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