Thursday, August 25, 2011

YOU LOOKIN' AT ME - friday feline foto

She's either Rosita, Rosie or Rose depending on the mood we are in at the time.
She loves the camera - this taken by my son, Mitch.


  1. Oh! she's ever so pretty - and I think Rosie suits her just fine!!

  2. Great shot. Those eyes are awesome!

  3. Dianne, Sue is the cat lady. I agree that Rosie suits her fine. She use to be a bit stand offish earlier but as she's matured, she's become more affectionate.
    Some people don't like cats and she knows. She sits on their lap knowing they are not cat people. Wicked sense of humour.

  4. Then there are dog people Craig. That's us. I miss out big fella Murphy our Irish Wolf Hound. A dog will do stuff with you that cats refuse to lower themselves to. NO!!! You threw the stick so you can chase it, not me.

  5. Diane,
    she sits on my keyboard when I post - do think she might be an attention seeker?


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