Tuesday, August 09, 2011

CONFOLENS in the Charente

Two nights in Confolens were just a rest before getting to Chinon. Confolens sits on the confluence of the Vienne and Goire rivers with a 14th century spanning the river in the department of Charente.
The hotel we stayed at was forgettable but had its memorable moments for what now seem humorous when recounting our travels. We had a flashing sign outside our window making us feel as if we were in some mid-western American town. The hotel was situated on a junction where cars and trucks had to change down in gears coming down or up the incline. Aaaah! so what, we're in France, enjoy!

Saint Germaine with its ruined castle further up the road was certainly the highlight of our two night stay. Seeing the path of Richard the Lionheart's travels through the district was another but there was one more highlight for me.
During our stay, there was a car rally through Confolens. Classic and Historic cars were passing back and forth all day, two of which I photographed because they brought back memories of my past motoring memories.
My first two cars were French. A Citroen Traction Avant and then a Renault Dauphine both of which sat in my parent's garage during my teenage years. Many Citroens over the years kept returning to the driveway and out last Citroen, the Xantia was passed on to No 2 son to be replaced by the Peugeot 307. A Renault 16 came my way in the mid 70s, a truly versatile car.

We walked the old streets of Confolens where the houses contrast were between restored and derelict buildings. It seemed that the town was on hard times and after two nights we were looking forward to travelling on. Our next two stops before Chinon were most memorable. They included both a coffee and then a lunch time stop. That's how we travel. Can't wait to tell you next Wednesday.

Oh my God - are we in LA?

We had a junction outside our window - Poitiers was to be our coffee stop next day.

A nicer view from our window.

The Traction Avant has to be my favorite and most owned car over my years to date.

I want of these back in my garage to join the Traction Avant.

Just an arty farty foto in Confolens.

Sue looks down the lane to the building and wonders what might be behind the door.

Isn't this something to "a door"

Is this a renovator's opportunity?????

See you all next Wednesday.


  1. I'm so relieved to read your report. We went to Confolens because we'd heard that it was a nice little town.
    We spent two hours there and left feeling depressed! There are many better places as you rightly say!

  2. i agree Craig - a crappy town. Or maybe to this point in time on our trip, other's were so much more interesting. Maybe you need to be a local to know the good spots.

  3. I don't think we have been to Confolens but it doesn't look like we missed much. We have come across a few places like this over the years of touring France, places visited once then forgotten for good reasons. But there's no reason at all why the whole of France should be picturesque, buzzing and beautiful, that's just impossible, but we still love it, warts and all.

  4. I'm with you Jean - we love it too.
    May next year will be our fifth since 2006.

  5. Think I have also missed Confolens to date and it is not far from us. Maybe I will keep missing it. There is a big Fete there later this month, think I will give it a miss!! Next time you are in the area let me know and I will loan you a small spare room without flashing lights LOL Diane

  6. Diane,
    You must go to Saint Germaine 5k out of Confolens to see the castle ruins. I'm told that Confolens also has an annual festival which is quite grand. Festival de Confolens is the folk music and dance from many nations. Find it here http://www.discover-poitou-charentes.com/what-to-do/confolens-festival.htm and its on now.

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  8. Hmm. How strange. We were camping in France, went through Confolens and fell in love with a house on the river. We are just across the river from the Fontorse (a square with a fountain in the centre) area about 50 metres from the Town Hall. How strange that you didnt see the gorgeous views from the old Roman bridge (Pont Vieux) down the river Vienne. There are fantastic places to stay on the river, Pont Vieux B&B in Fontorse and the Magnolia in the centre next to the Mairie. I have a sneaking suspicion you mistook the area you stayed in for the centre of Confolens. Here is a link to real pictures (not all the best ones, but hey..)http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/LocationPhotos-g1308446-Confolens_Charente_Poitou_Charentes.html


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