Friday, August 05, 2011


Bendigo – about 2hrs drive from Melbourne. It used to be longer many years ago before the freeway. Bendigo became rich on gold and the buildings of this provincial city lay claim to its past wealth.
Since 1964 it’s been one of my favorite country cities. My father bought me here for one of my first open cycle race events and I kept coming back each year to compete until the early 1980s.
Things have changed since then and I wanted to show Sue the wonderful rich history of its past.

We left Mentone late Friday morning so that we could stop at Kyneton for lunch. Most of the towns on the way to Bendigo became established within a distance of a day’s walk to the Goldfields, Kyneton was one of these. I had reason to visit Kyneton for a funeral recently and wanted to show Sue some of the town's architecture and history. It was perfect for a lunch time stop.

First port of call in Bendigo was the Information Centre to see what was on in town – having said that we had already booked to see an exhibition. Now let me tell you, I’m not big on fashion – actually most people already tell me this. The exhibition was 200 years of wedding fashion.
Can you tell that I’m really excited???????? So that’s on Saturday but we needed to pick up our tickets Friday afternoon at Bendigo’s Information Centre.

As we arrived at the Information Centre, we chanced across a small exhibition in the form of another Fashion Display. I’m doomed but Sue was having fun.
Raw’n Funky is an exhibition of  “fine art fashions in felt”. It was actually quite interesting, even for a bloke like me. I really liked some of the funky felt hats on display.

After picking up our tickets for the Wedding Dress Thing, we took a wander up and down View Street in Bendigo. Some of their cultural buildings are here. Back in the 60s they were derelict but now they have all been faithfully restored. Across from the theatre are some great stores and cafes. We took a sticky-beak in some of the antique shops – bad move Leon. Sue became enchanted with this repo art nouveau lamp which is now going back to Melbourne with us. As we emerged from our little shopping spree the rains started, thanks to fellow Blogger Dianne from Adelaide who rained on our parade after out “Hot August Night” post.

Bendigo Theatre
Bendigo Fire Station

Looking down Bendigo's View Street opposite the Theatre
We’ve booked for dinner tonight at a French Restaurant tonight called Bouchon – tell you more when we get back. Have to go now. Sue, where’s my credit card?

The food was delightful, but the Cote d'Rhone was divine.

Bendigo's Cathedral - more tomorrow in daylight.
Back from a superb dinner with good food, great wine and perfect service. Looking forward tomorrow's adventures in Bendigo.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic trip, freeways make travel so much easier if less interesting! Hope the French restaurant was up to standard. Sure Dianne had nothing to do with that rain LOL. Diane

  2. I bet Sue's cooking is better.

  3. Diane - yes the freeway is very boring, the odd turn-off to a little town along the way creates some interest. The road to Bendigo was like little towns along the way until the freeway.

  4. Nadege - Yes but this was nice and the wine was superb. She had quail and thought she could improve on the sauce. She enjoyed her cassoulet and thought her pudding was excellent. More Bendigo discoveries today and tomorrow to come.

  5. Would love to have seen the Wedding Dresses - I remember the name Bendigo from a few pieces of Bendigo pottery I once had in my posession and am wondering if they still exist.
    Let's know about that French restaurant - you know details like what you ate!!!

  6. Oops! possession has four s's - looks terrible with only three.

  7. Cote du Rhone... I love CDR. Seriously good. Thankfully it's not too expensive here in the UK for a decent one. Not as cheap as France of course, but not bad.
    I love the fire station - that would make a great conversion to a house one day!


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