Thursday, August 04, 2011

HOT AUGUST NIGHT - with apologies to Neil

You may remember I mentioned last week that I thought we might have an early spring - well last night was one of the warmest August nights since the mid 1880s. We had a minimum of 16 degrees.
Looks like we can start taking off our thermal training gear and start riding again in bare legs. The skies on recent nights and mornings have had a red tinge to them which looks quite magnificent as we ride in the early morning on Beach Road. We get to see the sun rise, the best part of a new day.
Can't last though - the forcast for the weekend is for a drop in temperature and rain. Oh, Well - it will help the garden grow.

Picture from BOM

This weekend we will post about a long weekend in the gold mining town of Bendigo, a town that was rich in gold and now rich in history.

I've added the cureent records below
Melbourne August Weather Records
Highest Max: 26.5°C in 1982
Lowest Max: 6.7°C in 1872
Average Max: 14.9°C
Highest Min: 16.2°C in 1885
Lowest Min: -2.1°C in 1863
Average Min: 6.7°C
Highest Rainfall: 110.8mm in 1939
Highest 24hr Rainfall: 54.4mm in 1881
Average Rainfall: 50.2mm


  1. Enjoy it while you can I say. I've always read that Melbourne weather is very changeable and those statistics would seem to prove that!

  2. Craig, - Like the Crowed House song, "Four Seasons in each Day"is our Melbourne.

  3. It is still very hot here though we have thankfully had a drop of rain which cheers the garden up no end. Love Neil Diamond, wish I could listen to this :-( Diane

  4. Diane - Looks like Craig is right about Melbourne - rains forcast for this weekend.

  5. No! it won't last - I'm sending you over cold and wet - should arrive soon - Sorry!!
    By the way beautiful shots of red sunsets.

  6. Diane - I suspect that you are not a nice person!!!!
    After sending the nasty stuff over to us, I hope your weekend is fine. Off to Bendigo for the weekend - need some blogging inspiration.


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