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It's 5.30 PM - looking out my study window, the jasmine is flowering all white and crimson - the gum tree hardly moves and the prunis is sprouting these little pinkish white blossoms. I can't see any clouds from where I sit while sipping on a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I've not long returned from God's Own Country where the Rob Roy Hill Climb is located. This historic site of motor racing is situated out past Kangaroo Grounds at Christmas Hills. I wrote a book on it's early history about six or seven years ago, maybe more. I spent a lot of time there a decade ago as the meeting secretary after our club (MG Car Club) resurrected it but I became burnt out and hadn't been back for some time. It was soooo good to be back.

Since 1937 when the Light Car Club of Australia ran its first Rob Roy Hill Climb, spectators and competitors would enter Clinton's Pleasure Grounds by these two buildings - to the right was the dam or swimming pool of the day. The diving board has gone and so has swimming. It's probably full of Yabbies now.

The Vintage Sports Car Club had a meeting at Rob Roy this Sunday and I thought I would go back, I almost didn't and it would have been my loss. The weather was perfect, the spectator car park was full and I kept bumping into old friends that I'd not seen for years. Faces and names can sometimes get a little misplaced over time but it was so rewarding to catch up with several of the drivers who helped me put together the book on Rob Roy Hill Climb - it's our Prescott, our Shelsley Walsh of the UK.
Sunday's event with the most perfect almost spring day had the best array of Pre-War sports cars that I'd seen for some time but then I've been away for maybe a decade.
The best part was chatting with old friends.

The stating line is graced with these giant brake shoes which came from another historic hill climb now defunct. The MGCC saved them and installed them at Rob Roy.

There were those perfectly restored pre-war cars at Rob Roy but this one appealed to me due to its patina paint work.

Bugatti were as common as navels ( I cleaned that up for the blog)

The Austin 7s line up for their run at the hill.

Motor bikes ran at Rob Roy before cars and there were a few on display.

Guarding the bikes creates a hunger.

One of Australia's own - the Holden.

What is this - let me tell you. It's a replica of a famous Rob Roy car. It's a special built from the basis of a Lancia that one of our early driver's Eddie Perkins competed with that Rob Roy.

Then there's this Lancia in street clothes.

It was a great day - cars, people and memories.

This book gave Sue and I the opportunity to travel France in 2006 and 2008. It paid for our air fares - how lucky are we? We've seen great things and met wonderful people along the way.

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  1. Fabulous cars there! Aren't you the clever clogs Leon writing and publishing a book? I'm most impressed!

  2. What great cars, but my choice is the one you did not label, the Porsche 356. I sadly sold my roadster when we left S.Africa :-( Diane

  3. That Lancia is gorgeous! How fun Leon! I know cars are one of your passion.

  4. Craig - I honestly didn't know I was writing a book, just collecting stories, etc and the it just evolved. My second book (this one is planned) should be out next year.

  5. Diane - I remember you saying you had a 356. Have a few car mates with them here. Mostly brought in from the US as restoration projects.

  6. Nadege - I agree about the Lancia, very nice and understated but I think most European cars are compared to the big American classics, don't you?

  7. What wonderful old cars, my husband and I would have thoroughly enjoyed this event, so thanks for the virtual trip

  8. Many beautifully restored vintage cars - I like the bright orange -is it an Austin?

  9. Looks to be a great day. Almost enough to make a guy go and buy an old mini...

    Are minis allowed?

  10. LLM - wish you and hubby could have been there with us - a chardy, cheese and bikkies, clear sky.
    Chatting with the drivers, talking about their cars. Magic

  11. Dianne,
    Yes the orange car is an Austin 7.
    Although I was the secretary of of our very first "return to Rob Roy" meeting, I borrowed and Austin 7 for a practice run. No records there.

  12. Simon - you would have loved the day and yes minis run there. I've run a mini and an MG 1100. Great stuff.
    Is Celestine well - you know I have a soft spot for her.
    Oh yes, Tractions have run there in the past as well.


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