Friday, August 12, 2011

It seems that from a couple of comments on our Confolens post, we may have put some people off the town.
You can find a silver lining in every cloud if you look hard enough and Confolens has one every August.
At this very moment, Confolens is hosting its annual folk dance and music from world nations.

The poster from 2007 - I understand that the Festival is in its 5th decade.

Nations from all over the world participate.
More here - follow the link.


  1. I have been to St Germain but somehow missed the castle!!! I will certainly go back there and track it down. As for the festival, still think I will give it a miss, not very exciting when you are on your own. maybe next year with Nigel. Diane

  2. I will go along with that comment Leon, he is also a keen cyclist! Sadly his health has been a bit topsy turvey and he has not been out as much as he would like. Hopefully when he is in France permanently, health and cycling will improve. Diane


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