Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday Song - Daddy Cool

1971 Daddy Cool hit the Aussie charts with Eagle Rock. It still gets played long after the group disbanded. Ross Wilson went on to other bands and has written so much material with many other bands and singers recording his songs.1971 - Eagle Rock and Daddy Cool.
After listening to Daddy Cool, tell me that you didn't tap your feet along with the boys.

35 years on and they occasionally come together for Rock n Roll tributes.


  1. When I saw "Daddy Cool" I thought immediately of the song by Boney M. It's a big favorite on the French radio stations. Now it will be in my head all day!

  2. Walt - I just googled bonie m - daddy cool. I think I might just be a little not into that.
    Bur thanks for enlightning my world. Have to go now - Indiana Jones is back on tellie.

  3. A great golden oldie, thanks for the memories.

  4. LLM - had you heard of Daddy Cool - I thought they were very much just in OZ.

  5. Daddy Cool rocks! In fact, they Eagle Rock!


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