Saturday, March 12, 2011

Throw Your Arms Around Me - Saturday Song

Throw your arms around me, was written by Mark Seymour from the now defunct band, Hunters and Collectors. It has never been a top hit but has been picked up by many musicians and recorded on their albums. I heard the Irish Folk singer Luka Bloom saying that he was sent the song from a friend in Australia and decided to record it.
In a concert in Perth, he decided to put it in his list of songs not realising how popular it was here in Australia.
As he got to the chorus, the audience sang with him - he was gob-smacked.
On You Tube there are many versions.

This is the original Hunters and Collector's version from the 80s

Luka Bloom's version

Neil Finn from Crowded House pays tribute to Mark Seymour.


  1. So many people need a hug at the moment this song is quite apt. Mother nature is going mad world wide! Diane

  2. We were watching the news and said the same thing.
    What Mother would do this to her children???????

  3. Guess where ?! Definitely Azay-le-Rideau!!! :)

  4. Spot on Ladybird - our very favorite.

  5. As Diane has mentioned an apt choice for this week!

  6. I love this song, thanks for sharing it.

  7. I wonder how many other versions of this song are floating about out there?


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