Sunday, March 20, 2011

Phillip Island - Painting and the French Film Festival

Friday I drove down to Phillip Island. I had a last minute delivery of merchandise for the Historic Racing Register which runs an annual historic motor racing festival at the island. We use to go every year however interests change and life goes off in other directions. Both of us have previously played in our cars at the Phillip Island circuit with both the MG and Alfa Romeo car clubs and totally enjoyed ourselves.

Phillip Island was the venue of the first Australian Grand Prix back in 1928. It was held on dirt roads on public roads that formed a large square circuit. It was organised by the Light Car Club of Australia and run on a handicap system. Due to the smaller cars having to cover less distance, it was won by Col Arthur Waite from England in his Austin 7 Ulster.
 Returning to the Island gave me an opportunity to catch up with some old friends I hadn't seen for awhile and to view some cars that seemed like old friends as well.

One of my favorite sports cars is the  big Healey.
Not being able to afford the big Healey, we did own a Mini for some time that our boys did Motokhanas with. That was fun.
The Phillip Island racing circuit is set in the most picturesque location overlooking Bass Strait.
With the meeting being held in early autumn, one can sit on the grassy slopes with a bottle of wine, cheese and biccies and enjoy the scenery and the smell of Avgas as Classic and Historic cars show off down the main straight.
I'm still working on the side of the house so after my Saturday morning ride, it was off home for a shower and change into the work clothes - working on the house is becoming a little obsession at the moment.
I bought the paint we needed and some more timber for the window framing that had become rotten and hope to finish by Sunday. All the preparation was completed by the late afternoon by which time I was called in to get ready to go out. We'd been invited to join friends to have dinner before seeing a movie. Melbourne currently has the French Film Festival on.

Yes, we finally arrived after a meal at the local Italian eatery, just in time for the movie.

The movie we saw was "Age of Reason" starring Sophie Marceau. I'm not sure if I'd seen her before but I did enjoy the film. It was a gentle film about a young girl who had decided that she would leave her childish thoughts of dedicating her life to helping needy people to pursuing business success. I won't tell you any more but take the opportunity to see it. I liked it. 
We've just booked in for another film for Wednesday night - it's called "My afternoons with Margueritte" starring Gerard Depardieu and Gisele Casadesus. We all know Gerard but can anyone tell me about Gisele please?

During the night I remember hearing rain fall and wondered if I could paint the side wall of the house. On waking, the sun was shining and the sky was clear. The rain had cleansed the wall of all the dust from sanding and had saved me doing it. Painting started mid-morning and by the late afternoon I'd finished the section of the wall.
Half way done and feeling good.

A close up of my handy work - top half nicely sealed and top coated - the bottom section not far off.

Taken later when the sun decended - I kept coming out to admire my work!!!!!!!!!
It really was a sense of satisfaction - Sue rewarded me with a glass of wine and some comfort food to completed a very hectic weekend.

My reward for being a very busy boy.

Tell me about your weekend. What did you do?


  1. I like Big Healeys but they were too expensive so we bought an MGB, then an MGA, then an MG 1100 FWD, then an Alfa 105 coupe, then an Alfa Alfetta GTV.
    Maybe we should have bought the Healey in the first place.


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