Thursday, March 10, 2011

Funky Friday Foto

Driving home one Friday late in the arvo I quickly took this photo as I drove down the freeway over the city of Melbourne below. I'm not sure what the crooked arch means, and it seems to serve no real purpose. I'm not quite sure that I see it as decorative even, but there it is and I drive under it most days on the way home from work.

Sitting on my study desk is this model of a Citroen 2CV and a couple of cute racing cyclists. The 2CV may have been present from my daughter and the cyclists came home with me from Paris last year. I think we might just keep going back until I get a whole Tour de France field. Much more decorative than a crooked arch......

This Friday is the beginning of a long weekend in Melbourne - It is Labor Day. What's that you say, Labor day..... What's Labor Day.
Well, we have festivals, Moomba on the Yarra River. Folk Festivals in Port Fairy. Lot's of things happen.

Celebrating the Australian labour movement, the Labour Day public holiday is fixed by the various state and territory governments, and so varies considerably. It is the first Monday in October in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and South Australia. In both Victoria and Tasmania, it is the second Monday in March (though the latter calls it Eight Hours Day). In Western Australia, Labour Day is the first Monday in March. In both Queensland and the Northern Territory, it is the first Monday in May.

Looking forward to starting the weekend with a bottle of sparkling whatever tonight. Three days of rest coming up.

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