Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just Another Weekend & the Old Fish Market.

It's Saturday night and we have friends coming for dinner - It will be a relaxing night with some good wine to go with dinner.
On the way home Friday night, it was a wet cold trip. Summer certainly has deserted us and leaves are falling - I'll need to sweep the paving constantly now. Time to start trimming back the shrubs and trees soon as well.
I decided to call in to my favorite electronics store along the way to find that it was doing a roaring business selling the newly released iPad 2. I bought two DVDs and had to stand in line with all these people with iPads under their arms - surely they could have put them in another queue?

My two DVDs included a film we saw previously that had Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Meryl did a great job with the character of Julia Child in Julie and Julia. After seeing the movie, I bought a couple of books on her and also watched her on YouTube, Julia that is.

The other DVD is Mary and Max, directed by Australian Academy Award winner, Adam Elliot. I'll tell you more after we watch it. I will say that this animated movie includes the voices of Toni Collette, Barry Humphries and Eric Bana (all Aussies). We can't watch either of these as yet as we are still powering through the full series of the West Wing. Currently we are now into the second last series.

Tell us, what have you been watching lately? Maybe you can suggest a new series after the West Wing.

Melbourne's Old Markets part 1.
In the mid to late 1800's and early 1900's, Melbourne CBD had several markets. The only one still in its original location is the Queen Victoria Market or as most call it today, the Vic Market.

One market that does intrigue me though was the Fish market located in Flinders Street, not far from the banks of the Yarra River. The architecture of the building was very grand from what I've seen of the photos from the various years. I don't remember ever see the buildings but am aware of the location.
Standing on the same spot is a very futuristic building that can be more than a year or two old.

Probably before 1900 - no cars and cable trams. Trams still run down Flinders Street
I'd say we are still in the late 1800s here - still no autos.
More modern cars can be seen in this picture and I would say we have entered the 40s or 50s.
Maybe in future posts, I'll bring some more of our early markets of Melbourne. Their history is fascinating - their locations replaced by other buildings.


  1. Melbourne is a beautiful city... I always like the fact that it felt more European than other Auatralian cities.

  2. I watched "Julie and Julia" last night. It is so well written and well acted, it is always a pleasure to see it again.
    Fall has it charms too, particularly after a long, hot summer. Winter is another story.

  3. Julie and Julia is one of my favourite films that I watch again and again on DVD.
    I sometimes fantasise about doing something similar, cooking my way through a Jamie Oliver cookbook or maybe a Nigella Lawson.
    Any excuse to get the apron on, eh.... !!

  4. Max and Mary is gorgeous. A little distressing/disturbing but very rich. Enjoy!

  5. I do not wanna say anything new about Julie and Julia. may be it has been 12 times I have watched. And I like old-fish-market too. Once I spent 3 hours a week there.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Craig - You've been here? Yes it does have a European feel. mainly due to the rich immigration over the years.

    Nadege - In your employment, have you had anything to do with the movie, Meryl Streep, etc. Ooops, that would be gossip!!!!

    Jean - I like that line, any excuse to get apron on.. LOL - we must be getting old.

    Lawrence - can't wait to watch M & M but life is very busy at the moment - off to Brissie and the Gold Coast for work tomorrow and then Jack's birthday on the weekend.

    Dominique - do you know when the Fish Market was demolished? Welcome as well - nice to hear from you.

  7. Ah Julie and Julia has also featured on my blog. I think Meryl Streep portrayed Julia Child very well.

  8. Leon and Sue - yes I've been there twice, but in the 1990's do it's been a while. Nice memories.


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